Top 5 Reasons to Install a Patio in the Fall

November 9, 2017

When it comes to installing a patio or other outdoor living projects, most people think spring and summer are the best times. There is even the misconception that patios cannot be installed in cooler months, but fall and early winter can actually be a great time to install your new patio.

Here is a list of reasons why you should install your patio now:

  1. TIMING.  Installing your new patio or outdoor living space now will be less of an inconvenience than installing it in the spring. Sure, digging up your backyard will make a bit of a mess at first, but you’ll be less likely to use your yard as much as you would in the spring or summer. Also, spring showers make for a muddy patio installation.
  2. LANDSCAPING REPAIR.  With construction in the fall & winter, there is less chance of damaging your landscape since much of your vegetation will already be dormant.
  3. A NEW SPRING PATIO!  You’ll be able to enjoy your new patio at the first signs of spring rather than waiting for construction to be completed.
  4. MAKE USE OF YOUR PATIO NOW.  With our infrared heating options, fire pits and outdoor fireplace selection, you could be enjoying your new outdoor patio as soon as it’s complete.
  5. CONTRACTORS.  Contractors are busiest in the Spring & Summer and therefore, much easier to reach in the cooler months.  You may wait for weeks and months in the spring & summer, but installing in the fall means quicker service and prices are also likely to be lower in the slow season.

In order to successfully install in the fall & winter months, we’ll work with you to select a qualified local contractor with our Contractor Referral Service.  In addition, we can also help plan your patio project using a variety of stone & paver options, lighting, heating and anything else you may need to complete the project.  So, go ahead.  Visit one of our beautiful displays and let’s get this patio started!